Every year since 1872, the Krewe of Rex has been using this song as their anthem. And at the stroke of midnight on February 25 in 2020, the courts of both Rex and Mystick Comus will once again dance to its sing-song strains, as the season of Mardi Gras ends with Fat Tuesday itself ends and Lent begins with Ash Wednesday.

As a teacher of 3-year-olds at DPCC for over a dozen years, I loved teaching kids this song. I cannot think of a more lovely ditty to go with a truer sentiment. I adapted the tune a bit, but the words are the same. Other verses include:

May the seas turn into ink

May black be turned to white/

May the pumpkins grow on apple trees/

May cows lay eggs and fowl yield milk

May the hawk become a dove

May beggars refuse to eat cold meat

If I ever cease to love

May I be frozen to death with heat

If I ever cease to love

It was my heart and joy to bring a bit of my home state to hundreds of children over my years as a teacher; as director, it is my certainty and pride that every teacher at DPCC brings warmth and light from their life in a similar personally-important way to their students each day.