music and language are fundamental

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Señora Baskett teaches three, four, and five-year-olds. During Spanish time, students sing, dance, laugh, play games, listen to stories, and more… in Spanish, of course! Sra. Baskett teaches “immersion-style” which means she does not use English for instruction. Speaking only Spanish allows for maximum exposure to the language in the time allotted and helps students to learn the same way they learned their first language, without relying on translation. The lessons focus on listening and speaking skills, using music and literature to teach language in context. Also, the lessons are lots of FUN! Sra. Baskett believes students can have a blast while growing brain power, and she hopes every student will be hungry for more, more, more, más y más Spanish. Fostering enthusiasm for language learning, strengthening language comprehension, and building confidence are some of the major benefits of Spanish time at DPCC.


In DPCC’s music class, all children are given the opportunity to create and appreciate music. They do this through listening, moving, singing, and playing. Every class involves elements of discovery, imitation, repetition, and improvisation.

Children have fun with sound and movement as they learn to:

  • listen attentively
  • become body-aware
  • improve coordination
  • stomp and clap to a steady beat
  • echo patterns
  • use their voice to sing
  • move expressively
  • experiment with instruments as they create their first musics.