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2020-21 YEAR

Your children, our students: DPCC happily offers a full 4-hour day for our nursery Parents’ Morning Out Program, 9-1, and a 5-hour day for our kindergarten, 5 days a week from 9-2. Both days include a time for kids to eat their home-packed lunches together as a class. To keep germ pools as contained as possible, all classes will be kept separate throughout the school day as well, both outside and inside.

A safe haven during the COVID-10 outbreak: DPCC will implement and practice all safety guidelines proposed by the Center for Disease Control, in our unwavering commitment to the well-being of your children, our students. Teachers will be tested, trained, and protected when they take the temperature of every child in carpool daily before entry. Building will be sanitized before, during, and after each school day. Touch-free hand sanitizing stations will be in every classroom, and teachers will spend time during the day dedicated to teaching and constant supervision of hand-washing. 

Parent’s Morning Out – 9 months by 9/1 to 23 months
student-to-teacher ratio: 3-1
1-day $200/mo
2-day $300/mo

Young 2s – 2 between 9/2 and 10/31
student-to-teacher ratio: 4-1
3-days (MWF) $470/mo

Older 2s – 2 by 9/01
student-to-teacher ratio: 5-1
3-days (MWF) $450/mo
5-days $550/mo

3s – 3 by 9/1
student-to-teacher ratio: 6-1
3-days (MWF) $450/mo
4-days (T-F) $500/mo
5-days $550/mo

4s—4 by 9/1
4-days (T-F) $500/mo
5-days $550/mo

Kindergarten – 5 by 9/1
5-days $600/mo
M-Th 9-2/ F 9-1

NONREFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE (per family to reserve classroom spot): $200, paid after contact following registration

CLASS COSTS FEES (per child before start of year): $100

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