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2020-21 YEAR

DPCC happily offers a full 4-hour day and associated friendlier programming to meet families where they are now.

Art Start: 8-9*  Send your child in for age-gauged process art fun, five days a week! 

DPCC School Day: 9-1 (now includes “Lunch Bunch,” when kids eat their home-packed lunches and play together for the last hour)

Postcare Enrichment: 1-2* (an hour to attend a class which provisionally includes ballet, phonics, science, gymnastics) *These sessions will not be administered by DPCC, but by associated vendors (teachers and trusted partners).

We are confident that our new 4-hour school block (and the two associated hours) will meet the needs of today’s parents in Decatur and surrounding Atlanta. Please note that, by now including Lunch Bunch in our DPCC day, our school offers an unequivocal cost savings when compared with paying for the extra hour separately.

Parent’s Morning Out – 9 months by 9/1 to 23 months
student-to-teacher ratio: 3-1
1-day $150/mo
2-day $250/mo

Young 2s – 2 between 9/2 and 10/31
student-to-teacher ratio: 4-1
3-days (MWF) $420/mo

Older 2s – 2 by 9/01
student-to-teacher ratio: 5-1
3-days (MWF) $400/mo
5-days $500/mo

3s – 3 by 9/1
student-to-teacher ratio: 6-1
3-days (MWF) $400/mo
4-days (T-F) $450/mo
5-days $500/mo

4s—4 by 9/1
4-days (T-F) $450/mo
5-days $500/mo

Kindergarten – 5 by 9/1
5-days $550/mo
M-Th 9-2/ F 9-1

NONREFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE (per family to reserve classroom spot): $200, paid after contact following registration

CLASS COSTS FEES (per child before start of year): $100

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